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Help Save Camberwarra Park and SAY NO to Optus Mega Tower…OR your park may be next!!!!

Many of you will not be aware (because it has not been made public knowledge) but on Tuesday 20/11/18 the city of Joondalup will be voting on whether they should allow an optus mega tower to be installed in Camberwarra Park.

The council had previously voted against this same proposal in May 2018, however, after Optus appealed to the state admin tribunal, the council has been in secret discussions with Optus over proceeding with the mega tower without giving any thought or consideration to the local residents.

On Tuesday 13/11/18 the question of the Optus mega tower was raised with the Councillors.  The few Craigie residents that had been made aware of this meeting were informed that:

They could not make a claim for compensation, or raise concerns about health risks…the only complaint they could raise was over the visual impact of the tower!!!!!!!!
Not only that….it came out that Optus are looking for another site in Craigie….so your Park could be next!!!!

We need your help: at 9am On Monday 19/11/18 the TV news show Today/Tonight will be visiting Camberwarra Park to interview local residents and compile a story on their plight.  We need as many residents as possible to attend and show their support…even if this is not your local park, by saving Camberwarra Park you could also be saving your own from the same plight !!!

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